If you are interested in learning more about Health Psychology, Dr. Urizar teaches a number of courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level in the Department of Psychology at California State University, Long Beach. Descriptions of these course offerings are provided below.

Undergraduate Courses

Health Psychology (PSY 378)

This course provides an introduction to the field of health psychology and its application in clinical, research, and community settings. This course will discuss how biological, psychological, and sociocultural factors interact with one another to impact one’s health. Topics include theory and methods used to understand health-related behaviors, the impact of chronic illness on one’s quality of life, and the role of behavioral risk factors on disease prevention and prognosis.

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Psychology of Stress (PSY 379)

This course provides an overview of stress, including its history, theoretical framework, physiology, measurement, and relationship with health outcomes. Stressors commonly experienced in our society are discussed, including individual differences in our response to stressful stimuli. Students will gain greater insight into their own life stress and learn several stress management strategies.

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Graduate Courses

Health Behavior and Intervention (PSY 678)

This graduate seminar provides a foundation for understanding psychology’s role in promoting health in the U.S. The emerging field of health psychology encompasses having a basic understanding of how to develop and test health behavior interventions that are designed to address biological, psychological, and socio-cultural risk factors that affect several chronic health conditions. Topics include an introduction to the history, theories, and research related to the design and evaluation of health behavior interventions in applied settings.

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Research Methods (PSY 696)

This graduate seminar is designed to provide students with a foundation for understanding the scientific methods and practical aspects of conducting research in psychology. There are two main goals for this seminar. First, this course will serve to familiarize students with diverse research methods in psychology. Second, students will learn about the different components to designing a research study and incorporate these components in designing a research proposal for their master thesis.

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