PRO-Health Alumni

We are very proud of our PRO-Health alumni, many of whom have successfully received academic scholarships, presented and published their research at local and national conferences, defended their honors and masters thesis, entered graduate programs, and pursued health-related careers. Below is a list of our alumni with their post-graduation positions.


Name                                       Post-Graduation Position


Andrea Hammond                      Recent Graduate at CSULB
Evelyn Santana                      Recent Graduate at CSULB
Cindy Mora                    Recent Graduate at CSULB
Sophia Bustos                    Recent Graduate at CSULB
Colleen Pearce                   Recent Graduate at CSULB


Vivienne Nguyen                     University of Hawaii at Manoa, Masters of Science in Epidemiology
Jason Devera                             Recent Graduate at CSULB
Alexa Sauquillo                         Recent Graduate at CSULB
Angel Flameno                         CSULB, Undergraduate Psychology Student
Peter Dinh


Olivia Silke                                  UC Irvine, Psychological Science PhD Program
Wendy Miranda                       UCLA, Masters Program in Public Health & Urban Planning
Alissa Vandenbelt                   Golden West College, Adjunct Professor of Psychology
Preeti Sivakumar                    CSULB, Undergraduate Engineering Student


Kennedy Blevins                      UC Irvine, Psychological Science PhD Program


Andrea Chirino                         Chapman Univ, MS in Health & Strategic Communication Program
Cristina Cortez                         USC, MSW Program
Liz Bañuelos                               CSULB, Academic Assistant, College of Liberal Arts Dean’s Office
Alexi Reed                                   CSULB, Undergraduate Engineering Student
Baylee Wright                           CSULB, Undergraduate Psychology Student


Tania Rodriguez                        CSULA, MS in School Psychology Program
Valerie Watts                             Loma Linda Univ, Clinical Psychology PsyD Program
Grace Thornburgh                  Unknown
Katherine Saldivar                 Teacher’s Aide


Cassandra Gearhart              Univ of Texas, Austin, Counseling Psychology PhD Program
Hugo Sanchez                           UC Irvine, Psychological Science PhD Program
Colette Brown                          UC Irvine, Psychological Science PhD Program
Lauren Dunne                           Portland State University, Health Promotion MPH Program
Jessica Rayo                               Univ of Michigan, MS Health & Learning Systems Program
Remy Cockerill                         San Francisco State Univ, MA in Psychology Program
Sara Boblak                                CSU Dominguez Hills, MFT Program
David Hernandez                    Behavior Interventionist
Arlene Garcia                            ABA Therapist, ACES, Inc.
Danielle Bridgewater           Internship, Stramski’s Children’s Developmental Center
Angelica Mondragon            Clinical Research Coordinator, UCLA
Antonio McElroy                    Cognitive-Educational Therapist, Stowell Learning Center
Preethi Panyam                       Outreach Coordinator, YWCA
Sara Castro                                CSULB, MA in Linguistics Program
Sandra Arellano                      Office Assistant, Moss Adams
Roshandra Scott                     Engineering Student, CSULB
Valerie Hassen                        ABA Therapist
Keziah Njorge                          Associate, In-and-Out Burger


Menchie Caliboso                 Research & Data Analyst, LB Health & Human Services 


Kathryn Scheyer                    University of Colorado, Denver, Clinical Health Psychology PhD Program
Mayling Paredes                    Chapman University, Education Specialist School Psychology Program
George Campa                        Front of House Coordinator, Carpenter Performing Arts Center
Aliza Gonzalez                        CSULB, MSW Program
Brandi Lucey                            English Teacher, Suphanburi Teaching Agency
Cecilia Morales                       Case Manager, View Heights Hospital
Maria Morales                        Interviewer, Culture & Intimate Partner Violence Project
Erin Kerr                                    Owner, Erin’s Tamale Shop Catering Services
Christine Haddad                 Enterprise Consulting Specialist, Ultimate Software
Noor Khalil                               USC, Master in Public Education Program
Caitlyn Ducat                          Child Counselor, Royal Kids Family Camp
Crystal Rosales                      Professional Networker, Changing Lives and Lifestyles


Amanda Ramos                      Penn State University, Developmental Psychology PhD Program
Angelina Majeno                   UC Irvine, Psychological Science PhD Program
Andrea Soto                             Home Visitor, First 5 California
Diana Guzman                        Los Angeles Individual & Family Services
Mayra Barreto                        Behavioral Interventionist, California PsychCare
Anay Salgado                           Loma Linda Univ, Masters Program in Occupational Therapy
Kristina Wroten                    Chapman University, MFT Program
Ana Roman                               USC, MPH Program
Sarah Barth                              Emergency Medical Technician
Sara Sagui                                 UNC Charlotte, Health Psychology PhD Program
Yvette Melgoza                     UC San Francisco, Nursing Graduate Program
Ashley Chan                            Project Management Associate, Mattel, Inc.
Bahaur Shojaeddin              CSU San Bernardino, MA in Clinical Counseling Program
Taleen Perian                          CSULB, MSW Program
Brandi Santa                           CSULB, Education Specialist School Psychology Program
Katherine Cuellar                CSU Fullerton, MS in Clinical Psychology Program
Morgan Dominguez            Universidad Complutense de Madrid, MSIO Program
Tania Levesque                      Chapman University, MA in Teaching Program
Kayce Perkins                        Behavioral Consultant, Autism & Beh Consulting Services
Elizabeth Alsky                      Assistant Planner, Kapstone
Michelle Marckwordt       Data Coordinator, UCLA
Valeria Annicdhiarico       Loyola Marymount Univ, School Psychology Program
Yuri Trujillo                              CSULB, MS in Human Factors Program


Calvin Fitch                              University of Miami, Clinical Health Psychology PhD Program
Yasmin Kofman                      UC Irvine, Psychological Science PhD Program
Rosana Mendoza                   Private Event Manager, Mountain Meadows Golf Course
Janessa Cuomo                      Sr. Marketing Communication Specialist, Cetera Fin Group
Crystal Tandler                       Sales Manager, Seaport Marina Hotel
Rebecca Islas                           Chapman University, MS Program in Marriage & Family Therapy
Iris Ibarra                                   CSU Fullerton, MS Program in Nursing
Pauline Nowatka                   SDSU/UC San Diego, Clinical Psychology PhD Program
Maritza Marquez                  CSU Dominguez Hills, MS Occupational Therapy Program
Nathalie Zorrilla                    Washington University, MS Occupational Therapy Program
Liz Gonzalez                             Pepperdine University, MFT Clinical Psychology Program
Danae McCarty                     Sales Representative, Sherwin Williams
Sarah Clark                              Clinical Trial Project Manager, AnaptysBio
Amber Latronica                  Research Systems & Compliance Specialist, Women & Infants Hospital
Jiun Shen                                  ABA Therapist


Arleatha Brooks                   CSULB, Gerontology MS Program
Erica Leyenaar                       Senior Account Manager, Pandora
Jennifer Anhorn                   Fresno Pacific Univ, Behavior Analyst MA Program
Donna Melton                       Admission Processor, CSULB
Amina Mousa                        University of San Diego, School of Law
Yumilka Velazquez             Mental Health Counselor
Lisa Zazworsky                     Outcomes & Evaluation Manager, Veterans Village, San Diego
Amanda Wu                            Claremont Graduate Univ, Organiz Beh & Eval MA Program
Anel Arias                                Western Michigan Univ, Counseling Psy PhD Program
Daisy Guizar                           Institute of Technology
Mary Flocca                            CSULB, MSW Program
Odette Madrigal                  Postural Therapist Assistant, Personal Trainer


Nina Smallwood                     Biola University, Clinical Psychology PhD Program
Nilufar Bagherzadeh           Berlin University, Psy & Mental Health MS Program
Joanna Barreras                    UCLA, Social Welfare PhD Program
Daphne Verter                       University of Queensland, School of Medicine
Laura Wetzel                           VA, Long Beach


Janelle Goguen                       Occupational Therapy Intern
Julie Sanchez                           University of Western Michigan, MA Behavior Analysis
Cassandra Campbell           Air Force
Ron Freche                               University of Kansas, Health Psychology PhD Program
Jessica Arizaga                       DePaul University, Clinical Psychology PhD Program
Meredith Dennis                   Loma Linda University, Clinical Psychology PhD Program
Karissa Miller                         University of Pittsburgh, Biological/Health Psychology PhD Program
Tyler Story                                CSULB, Research Assistant, Social Psychology Research Lab
Marisela Del Real                 CSU Northridge, School Psychology MS Program
Ashley McAdams                  Chapman University, School Psychology PhD Program


Bertha Garcia                           Loma Linda University, MPH Program
Elizabeth Pilar Adle              CSULB, MFT Program
Rita Atchabahian                   Hope International University, MFT Program
Marta Bolsewicz                     Accountant
Monica Romero                      University of Southern California, Research Assistant


Desiree Ramirez                    Vanguard University, MFT Program
Rachel Cuevas                         Social Work Associate, Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles