Press Releases

The ‘Baby Blues’ Culprit

January 11, 2019 (Signal Tribune)

CSULB researchers find that high levels of cortisol hormone links to postpartum depression. (Link to full story)

CSULB Research Finds One Possible Cause of Postpartum Depression

December 27, 2018 (Long Beach Post)

Cal State Long Beach researchers studying the causes of postpartum depression have found an association between the disorder and elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol published in the journal Archives of Women’s Mental Health. (Link to full story)

BUILDing Brighter Futures

2016 (Quest Magazine)

An innovative program funded by Cal State Long Beach’s largest-ever grant is transforming the lives of students by opening pathways into research and doctoral programs they never thought they could pursue. Its success could mean the program is a model for universities and colleges nationwide. (Link to full story)

Improving Mental Health Outcomes in At-Risk Young Adults

September 2015 (Research @ the BEACH)

Drs. Araceli Gonzalez and Guido Urizar are faculty in the Psychology department who are collaborating on a study that broadly examines how psychosocial and physiological factors influence mental health outcomes. (Link to full story)

NIH Funding Helps Urizar Confirm Results From Research Paper

March 15, 2013 (Inside CSULB)

Psychology’s Guido Urizar recently received National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding to help confirm initial results from his 2011 research paper in the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology based on grant-supported work with low-income Latina mothers and a perinatal mood management program. (Link to full story)


PRO-Health News

olivia_gscCongratulations to Olivia Silke!

Olivia was awarded the prestigious ‘CSU Sally Casanova Predoctoral Scholarship‘, ‘CSULB Graduate Research Fellowship‘, and ‘CSULB J. Robert Newman Scholar Award‘ for her outstanding research and academic achievements.

WendyCongratulations to Wendy Miranda!

Wendy was accepted to John Hopkins University’s Summer Internship Program (2018) as part of CSULB’s BUILD Scholars Program, which is an NIH-funded student research training program to support undergraduate students pursuing doctorate degrees in health-related research.

Congratulations to our PRO-Health Graduates!

Graduation v2

Our most recent PRO-Health alumni have graduated from CSULB and have been accepted to the following graduate programs:

  • Hugo Sanchez Hernandez – University of California, Irvine PhD Program
  • Colette Brown – University of California, Irvine PhD Program
  • Kennedy Blevins – University of California, Irvine PhD Program
  • Lauren Dunne – Portland State University MPH Program
  • Cassandra Gearhart – University of Texas, Austin, PhD Program
  • Andrea Chirino – Chapman University, MS Program
  • Jessica Rayo – University of Michigan, MS Program
  • Cristina Cortez – University of Southern California, MSW Program

angel_abrcmsCongratulations to Angel Flameno!

Angel was accepted to CSULB’s BUILD Scholars Program (2018-2020) which is an NIH-funded student research training program to support undergraduate students pursuing doctorate degrees in health-related research. (link)

university award

Congratulations to Dr. Urizar!

Dr. Urizar was awarded the University Achievement Award for Outstanding Faculty Mentor for Student Engagement in Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity by California State University, Long Beach in April 2018. (link)