CSULB BUILD Initiative


The CSULB BUILD (BUilding Infrastructure Leading to Diversity) Initiative is designed to develop a research infrastructure that engages and retains traditionally underrepresented students on the research career path by providing them with the research training and skills needed to make them highly competitive for doctoral programs, while promoting the cultural capital that they bring to their career path.
This initiative brings together local (e.g., high school, community college, doctoral research institutions) and national (e.g., National Research Mentoring Network) collaborative partners to alter how we identify, develop, and implement resources to enhance student and faculty research. (BUILD Website)
This program is one of only 10 BUILD sites in the United States and is funded by the National Institute on General Medical Sciences (PI: Urizar; U54; 8UL1GM118979; 8TL4GM118980; 8RL5GM118978).
Urizar, G., Henriques, L., Chun, C., Buonora, P., Vu, K.L., Galvez, G., & Kingsford, L. (2017).  Advancing research opportunities and promoting pathways in graduate education: A systemic approach to BUILD training at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB).  BMC Proceedings, 11 (Suppl 12), 27-40. (link)